PDC 2003

An Attendee's Perspective

In October, 2003, Microsoft hosted its Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles. Since Longhorn was going to be a major theme at the conference, Money sent me down to take a look. This is not a technical summary of the conference; this is a personal record of the journey.

The PDC  resources are now publicly available at http://msdn.microsoft.com/events/pdc/. My own nominations for the best slides of the breakout sessions I attended are in this PowerPoint presentation.

It turns out that the blog organization (where each item is sorted by when it was written) isn't really working for this, so I'm using the journal organization (sorting by time of event). This means that I've rewritten some of the older sections many times, and I've tried to indicate the status in the table below. I've also resorted the page to put it all in early-late top-down.

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