Cruising 2007

To Return or Not?

Chapter 3: Isla Mujeras

We arrive in Isla Mujeras about midday the following day, Wednesday.  Our progress is naturally slowed by the northerly flowing currents of the Yucatan Channel and the lack of wind.  We enter Isla Mujeras from the north, around Punta Norte, which I avoided two years ago as I didnít think the passage through the reef was deep enough.  Either I now have better charts, or just have more savvy, as the entry is very straight forward.

The next morning we dinghy in to the Capitania de Puerto.  After a cursory look at our papers, the Capitania directs us to the main port of entry in Cancun, about a 30 minute ferry ride away.  This is different.  New policy, we are told.  And this new policy creates a big headache for us.

Ferry Boat
Ferry Ride from Cancun to Isla Mujeras

Apparently, the US Homeland Security is now requiring all US vessels departing the US to have clearance papers from the Coast Guard.  This new procedure has not been shared with American boaters yet, but Mexican officials have been asked to enforce it.  Just one month ago this became policy.  It took two days to waddle through this bureaucratic quagmire.  It amounted to me giving a deposition, which I had to sign, declaring that I own this boat, am qualified to navigate it, and that I actually departed from Key West even though I had no official documentation to show that.  What a pain!!

However, there is still time for Spencer and me to do some shopping, swimming and snorkeling.  Then on Monday July 16th we take the ferry to Cancun, the bus to the International Airport to meet Carmen first, who flew in from Los Mochis, Mexico, and two hours later son Russ, who flew in from Seattle.  Back to the Sirius II we go, which Spencer and I have relocated to el Milagro Marina in Isla Mujeras Harbor in order to better accommodate the additional guests. The next day we have a delightful time swimming, sight seeing and shopping. 

On July 18th we take time to celebrate Spencerís birthday.

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