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Cruising 2008

The Landlubber's Tale


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Summertime Reunions

For the next two months I am busy visiting relatives, friends and attending reunions.  And, of course, trying to play golf.

Jones Family Reunion.  The first reunion toward the end of July is the Jones Family Reunion, this year hosted by my branch of the family, in a camp ground along the Snoqualmie River in Fall City, WA.  Some of the relatives from Idaho and Nebraska had never been on this side of the Cascade Mountains.  (When my parents were still alive, our family always hosted this event in eastern Washington.)  So, we did some tours to Seattle and local areas.  Perhaps the most momentous event this reunion, now that my mother is no longer with us to tell me what to do, is that I handed over the MC mantel to my daughter, Renate.

Jones Family Reunion

Four generations of Jones Family relatives.

Fulbright Scholars

Judy and Barbara, Fulbright Scholars to Egypt, 1978.

Fulbright Scholars.  The next weekend is the occasion for the gathering of the members who were part of the 1958 Fulbright Scholarship study/travel to Egypt.  There were about 20 who were in Egypt, but only four (and two spouses) could be tracked down for this reunion.  We met at the home of Judy Mukai in Seattle.

I spend most of August visiting my daughter and her family in Canada (Vancouver Island).  In September, I travel with my brother Mike and Sister Nancy, and their spouses, to Clarkston, WA to visit my 94-year-old  Uncle Pat, who was not able to attend the Jones Family Reunion in Fall City.  A very wonderful visit.  From there we travel to the Idaho Panhandle, close to Sandpoint, where I was born, to visit some cousins who lived there then and still do. 

Uncle Pat

Clint and Nancy, with Aunt Alice and Uncle Pat in Clarkston, WA.

Coulee City High School.  Then, in the first week of September I attend the Coulee City High School Reunion hosted by my class, the Class of (gulp) 58.  Yes, it has been that long.  Members of the classes of 57 and 59 were also invited.

Class of '58

Seven of the 16 Members of the Class of 58.
Marilyn, Betty, Miriam, Ora Rae, Cliff, Mark and Steve.

False Start Changes at Rio Dulce

Cruising 2008: The Landlubber's Tale
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