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Cruising 2008

The Landlubber's Tale


Steven Jones  



Rifle River

Rifle River in Rifle State Park.

The State of Colorado is known for its snow and skiing, especially for the rich and famous.  Wouldn’t you know it, as we cross the border into Colorado, it begins to snow.  We make it through Denver and head up into the Rockies, but elect to stop at Idaho Springs for the night as the snow is making driving difficult.  But the next day…….no problem as we drive on into Rifle to visit my niece Terese and her family.

A note about Terese.  If I had favorites, which I don’t, Terese might be this.  She elected to go Army, as I did, although she went to West Point whereas I received my commissioned through the Reserve Army Training Corp (ROTC) as an alternative to the draft.  She attended the same middle school where I was Assistant Principle in charge of discipline.  Of course, Terese had no discipline problems, but midway through the 8th grade, the final year of middle school, I watched her go through the throes of “first love.”

Zion National Park (Utah)

Utah is a very photogenic state.  From the moment we entered the state on Interstate 70, it was tempting to stop and take pictures.  But we saved the best for Zion, as this was to be our only photo-op for the state.  Even in the winter it is a terrific sight. Zion

Zion National Park.

The Grand Canyon (Arizona)

I have viewed the Grand Canyon before, from the north side.  In summer time.  But all the travel literature says this is the best view, so this explains our route through Colorado.  But the guides don’t mention that the North Side is closes December 1 due to winter conditions.  So, 200 miles later we arrived at the South Side. Grand Canyon

The Colorado River and the Grand Canyon, from the South Side.

In Phoenix the Subaru dies.  We had our suspicions and had stopped at a Subaru dealer for an analysis.  Suspicions confirmed.  Fortunately we were able to replace it with a 2000 model Subaru and continued to Los Mochis, Mexico.  There we stay through Christmas with Carmen’s son and family.  Shortly thereafter, I return to Key West by the first of the year to prepare for another tax season. Carmen's Family

Carmen’s family.  Near Los Mochis, Mexico.   From left, her brother Juaquin, daughter-in-law Cinthia, grandson Caleb, son Francis and Carmen

-The End-


Cruising 2008: The Landlubber's Tale
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