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Cruising 2009

Political Peril and the Itinerant Sailor


Steven Jones  

The Colonial Town

A restored church in Trinidad, Cuba

A restored church in Trinidad, Cuba

My next passage to Casilda is another overnighter, about 20 hours.  I had stayed an extra day in Cayo Largo waiting out a tropical wave coming down from the Bahamas.  I should have stayed an extra day.  Forty knot winds off the nose for much of the trip.  But I still arrive off Casilda well before mid morning.  This is a new port for me.  As I study the charts and look for the marking buoys, I am not sure about the channel into the marina.  Fortunately, a Cuban fishing boat passing by figures out that I am confused and goes out of her way to guide me in.  I follow, but the channel is oh so shallow.  Gulp!

The nice thing about Casilda is that it is within walking distance of the popular Hotel Ancon which, unlike the older, aging Hotel Colony on Isla de la Juventud, was built after the 1959 Revolution.  The hotel has internet, and is 40 minutes by bus from Trinidad, one of the first Spanish towns in Cuba , founded in 1514.  Once known for its sugar refineries; now it is better known for tobacco and tourism.   A delightful town. 

The Ancon Hotel

The Ancon Hotel

If I had nothing else to do, I could have stayed here for a long time. But I am always aware of the upcoming hurricane season and know that I must press on.

The Cruiser Friendly Officials The False Start

Cruising 2009: Political Peril and the Itinerant Sailor
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