Tales of the Itinerant Sailor

Cruising 2009

Political Peril and the Itinerant Sailor


Steven Jones  


About William.  William was added to the crew to get him out of Haiti, where he feared his safety if not his life was at risk, and to help Harry after I disembarked in Boca Chica.  Harry was under the impression that there would be no visa problems for William once in the islands.  But, upon arrival in St Thomas, William was not allowed off the boat.  When they finally arrived at their destination, San Marteen, the same situation.  William was not allowed to enter neither the French nor the Dutch parts of the island.  Harry was allowed only to take him to the airport and put him on a plane for the Dominican Republic, and then on to Port au Prince.  Which he finally did.  And at last word, he is safe and sound back on his little island.  This island, by the way, was spared the destruction of the earthquake of January 2010, which was centered primarily around the capital, Port au Prince.

The Odyssey Continues  

Cruising 2009: Political Peril and the Itinerant Sailor
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