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Cruising 2009

Political Peril and the Itinerant Sailor


Steven Jones  

Each seasonís cruise begins with a set of goals and expectations.  This season is no different.  I plan to return to some places where I had been before, visit people that I have not seen for a while.  Then, after the hurricane danger, move on to new ports of call.  As usual, I want to see and experience new places and peopleóideas and life styles that are not from my own culture and background.  This I will share with you who log on to this web site.

Most importantly, I approach this season resolved not to experience another Landlubberís Tale, as 2008 turned out to be:  I want to travel by sea and not land.

I plan to get an early start so as to reach a protected haven before hurricanes become a real threat.  As you will see, I am able to accomplish this in about two months, sailing some 1331 nautical miles as the crow flies; closer to 2000nm including the tacks and the evasive maneuvers.  What I do in two months is about what most casual boaters do in the lifetime that they own their boat.  But for me, what interesting and intriguing experiences along the way, including a first time ever problem with Cuban authorities.

Cruising 2009 Itinerary

Cruising 2009 Itinerary (Click to enlarge)

The Preparations

The New Sole

The New Sole

To back up a little.  The Sirius II is in Guatemala, in Frontera at the Marina La Joya del Rio, on the Rio Dulce (the lower left portion of the map) ,where I had left her last fall to have a new sole (floor) installed.  A beautiful job.  The wood used is a rose colored mahogany.  Local wood, of course.  But the artisan/installer, Dennis Compton, is not a housekeeper.  Even though Julia Bartlett had arranged for a cleaning lady to, well, clean up, there was rose colored sawdust in all the nooks and crannies of the boat.  Including the engine room.  Part of the next 10 days I spend cleaning up, inside and out.

At the same time, I keep looking for my equipment.  Dennis had to remove and relocate a lot of my stuff so that he could do his job of laying a new floor. 

But what seemed obvious temporary storage to him was not to me.  Additionally, there is the basic maintenance on the Sirius II that needs attention.

  The First Mate

Cruising 2009: Political Peril and the Itinerant Sailor
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