Chapter 4: Nassau

Making FriendsSunday June 26, 2005.  Uneventful motor to Nassau, arriving about 2:30 p.m.  Washed down the boat and went out for dinner at the Poop Deck, the restaurant near the marina, which turns out to be far too expensive for us grungy (by now) sailors.  So, we set out to see what we can find.  End up with the locals along the waterfront watching the end of a sailing regatta. We have our fill of food and beverage here at prices within (my) budget.

Monday June 27, 2005.  Set out looking for places to buy parts for the boat.  Call UPS to learn that the refrigerator unit is waiting to be picked up.  Problem:  How to get there from here.  I ask for directions and was advised to take a series of buses to get there.  While listening closely I figure out that when the Bahamians talk about a long walk, they are speaking from a point of view that any walk more than a few blocks is a long walk.  So, I hoof it to the UPS office and return with my package on bus #19 that drops me off right in front of the Marina.  Total cost:  $1 as opposed to $30-$40 by round trip taxi.

Atlantis HotelTuesday June 28, 2005.  As soon as the Marine stores are open, I am there to get electrical parts to install the refrigerator unit.  That done, the refrigerator is up and working by 10:00 a.m.  Time to sight see.  We take a ferry over to Paradise Island to visit the world-famous Atlantis Hotel with its huge above-ground aquarium and hundreds of tropical fish.  Sing-Along to conch saladsWe walk the high bridge coming back so as to sample the conch salads sold along the waterfront.  We choose a vendor that has a guitar and musical friends and stay to make music until nightfall.

By morning it is obvious that the boatís electrical system is not up to the additional load of the new refrigeration unit.  Not enough volts left to run the refrigerator and start the diesel motor.  Help!

Fortunately, help did come, in the form of Dave, the South African aboard the s/v Tango 8 in the adjacent slip.  He was able to determine by just using the voltmeter that the solar panels are not charging properly; in fact they are shorting out the entire electrical system.  Damn!  Donít you just hate it when some people are so smart?                  

We start Wednesday with a traditional Bahamian breakfastóin a restaurant that looks from the outside like a sports bar.  I have eggs and Johnny cake.  Tennile has scrambled eggs and Johnny cake.  Mike has hash and grits while Jim goes for the fish stew.  Itís all very good.  Later, the crew is off to do some last minute shopping (for Mike and Tennile, as this is their last day with us, flying off later for Miami and Seattle).  I do some last minute maintenance on the Sirius II.  Tomorrow Jim and I are off for the rest of our adventure.

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