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North Coast Detail

Documents Offical Itinerary
Medical Doctor, assigned full-time duty to the diving resort at Maria la Gorda.
Diving instructor readying a German tourist for scuba diving.
Migdalia and her cousin in Neuvo Gerona, Isla de la Juventud.
Migdalia at her home in Neuvo Gerona, Isla de la Juventud.
Marianne and Steven in Holguin.
Marianne with the photo album.
Cigar Factory
Cigar Tester
Cliff Paintings
The Russian Embassy in Havana
Saqua La Grande
Cary and Steve in Holguin.
Cary and Bridget in Holguin.
A classic Ford in Havana.
Migdalia and her family at the beach.
The Southernmost Point Monument for the continental United States. This must also be the point in the US closest to Cuba.
Dalia's home in Argelia Libre, near the southern end of Isla de la Juventud.
Electric connections at Mariana Siguania.
Fishing boat in need of repairs, getting supplies on Rio Casa, Neuva Genora
Super fast ferry that makes daily trips from La Isla to the Cuban main island
Relatives and friends of Migdalia's family, performing for me on my last day.

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