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We live near the town of Duvall, Washington. This is about 50 minutes east of Seattle, near the Cascade Mountains.

We love our home in the woods, but it hasn't been without some trouble. A couple of years after we moved here our well went dry, leaving us and our three neighbors without water. We have been hauling water to our house since 1994, and we are getting tired of it.

We haul water in a 250 gallon tank on a trailer behind our van. We have to make about 4 trips a week to a public well in Duvall. The round trip from home takes about 45 minutes. We have a separate tank at our house that can store 1200 gallons, with a pump and pressure system to feed the rest of the house.


We have finally been connected to the local water district! They had water to our house right before Christmas, and we are fully hooked up as of January 6, 1999. It is sure a pleasure to have convenient water into your house.

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