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We have been Seattle Mariners season ticket holders since 1997. Our first package of tickets was the complete playoff package in 1995. For 1996, we joined some of our friends in buying a 20-game package. We were hooked and started buying complete season ticket packages the next year. Since we don't go to every game, we have always looked to sell the extras to our friends or on Stubhub.

For the most part, we have had tickets down the right field line. In the early years, this meant having a good view of our left handed pitchers like Randy Johnson and Jamie Moyer, and of course enjoying the antics of Jay Buhner in right field. Later on we had a great view of many of Ichiro's amazing plays at Safeco field. But we have decided to move down closer to the plate, and this year's tickets are in section 126, Row 26, Seats 1-4. See ticket location information below.

We can resell these tickets to friends for our cost, between $33-$59. These same seats are for sale from the Mariners as single games from about $55-$100. So take a look at our web site and see if you would like to take in a game this summer.

Seat Map

And here is the view from our new seats, taken during FanFest in January.
Seat View

I've got some scorecards from some of my favorite games scanned in.