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The Landlubber's Tale


Steven Jones  

First Letter to Greyhound

R S Jones
925 Toppino Dr
Key West, FL  33040

July 23, 2008

Customer Service
Greyhound Lines, Inc
PO Box 660362
Dallas, TX  75266-0362

Dear Customer Service:

On Sunday July 20, 2008 I had a horrible experience with Greyhound Bus Lines.  I was aboard the bus travelling from Key West, Fl to Miami International Airport.  After the customary 20 minute rest stop at Burger King in Islamorada, Fl, after I had tended to my toilet needs and waited in line for my hamburger and coffee, which took 19 minutes by my watch, I left the restaurant to discover that the bus had left. 

I was shocked.

When I lined up to place my order, the bus driver was still sitting at one of the tables.  We were in clear view of each other.

Everything I had brought with me was on that bus, two checked suitcases underneath, a backpack in the seat, and a computer overhead.

I have ridden on buses on this line before.  I know the routine.  I have ridden on buses with this driver before.  He is very arrogant.  I know he does not do a head count.  I know he does not look around nor ask those on the bus about other passengers.  That is why I kept my time by my calculation to 19 minutes.

My first thought was about all my belongings on the bus.  Knowing this driver, I figured he would just leave the suitcases on the curb and never even look inside for the other items.  I expected never to see them again.

My second concern was for my missed air flights from Miami to Seattle.

Fortunately, this stop had a red line telephone with which I was able to contact Rick, the station manager in Key West.  Over a period of two hours he was able to reach the driver by phone and instruct him to leave my belongings at the next bus stop after the airport.  Rick assured me that I would be able to catch the next bus and retrieve my belongings there (although this driver, Mr Smith, only after much pleading, let me on the bus.)

Meanwhile, with the use of the Burger King business phone, I was able to reschedule my Continental flight to Seattle for the next day—at considerable expense of course.

This entire episode caused me a lot of mental anguish, time and money—nearly $400 at last count.  All because of an arbitrary and capricious driver who is too headstrong/stubborn to do a head count and too proud/lazy to walk 50 steps to look in the restaurant for additional passengers.

I am looking for an explanation from you and the driver for this misadventure.  I expect some sort of financial restitution for the airline penalties, the re-ticketing charges and the hotel expense.

As it stands now, I doubt that I will every use Greyhound bus lines again.  And Rick knows that I was a regular customer.  And, of course, I will tell all my travelling friends about this.


 R S Jones

R S Jones

  Second Letter to Greyhound

Cruising 2008: The Landlubber's Tale
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