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Cruising 2008

The Landlubber's Tale


Steven Jones  

Second Letter to Greyhound

R S Jones
925 Toppino Dr
Key West, FL  33040

October 9, 2008 

Chief Executive of Operations
Greyhound Bus Lines
PO Box 660362
Dallas, TX  75266

REF:     1416405                                  03642895

Dear Executive Officer:

Reference is made to the above reference number, a letter from Mr Castro, Customer Assistance Group, which is attached.  His letter is in response to a letter I had written in July about a terrifying ordeal I experienced on a Greyhound bus from Key West, FL to Miami on July 20.

Nothing in Mr Castro’s letter assures me that the same misfortune I experienced then will not be repeated.  Accordingly, for my next flight out of Miami next week, I will follow the same procedure as I did when I recently returned from Seattle:  I will take my business elsewhere.  I will rent a car.

This is inconvenient for me.  But, I do not want to experience another humiliating experience on a Greyhound bus.


 R S Jones

R S Jones


Note:  As a result of this second letter, I received an apology of sorts from Greyhound’s CEO AND a voucher good for one bus ride from Key West to Miami.

First Letter to Greyhound  

Cruising 2008: The Landlubber's Tale
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