Paul-Jones Summer Vacation


In August, 2002, we drove across America to see friends and Maine. Here was our planned itinerary.

The drive itself was immense. Here are some fun facts about the drive:

Total Mileage 7483
Dexter's Mileage 3495
Average Speed 49 MPH
Fuel Economy 14.5 MPG
States Visited 25
States' whose License Plates We Saw 50
Days away from Home 21
Driving Days 15
Longest Day 1074 miles, 19 hrs

Our first leg was a four-day dash across the West to Chicago. (See Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4.)

In Chicago, we saw the sights and visited with John Donermeyer.

After a couple of stops, we visited Bar Harbor, Maine.

In New York, NY, we toured Manhattan with Marcus Asner.

We visited Lisa in Baltimore.

Along the trip home, we stopped in Missouri and Colorado.

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