In 1994, we made a trip to the American Southwest. We visited the National Parks in southern Utah as well as the Grand Canyon.

At the time, we Spencer was just 11 months. We also traveled with Gordon and Stephanie; Stephanie is Whitney's sister. Here is the gang: k18t.jpg (4029 bytes)
After three days' travel from the Seattle area, we were in Moab, Utah. This is a good center for travel into Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park. There is also a great deal of redrock desert in the area not included in these national parks. Since it was consistently over 100 in the afternoon while we were there, it was hard to belive that it is a mountain-biking mecca. f-28t.jpg (3513 bytes)
d-19t.jpg (2689 bytes)
After spending a week with friends in Salt Lake City, we traveled south again to the Grand Canyon. h33t.jpg (3022 bytes)k22t.jpg (3692 bytes)
Stephanie wanted to see more Anasazi ruins, so we traveled across Arizona to get to Hovenweep in Utah, near the four corners. After this stop, Stephanie and Gordon headed back to Puget Sound, while we stopped at some more national parks in Southern Utah. n21t.jpg (4106 bytes)
After a night in Las Vegas, we also headed back, stopping in Northern California and at Crater Lake.


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