Jones Family Reunion

A tradition started in the early 80's to bring together the immense number of Joneses in the country. The first Reunion was held in Idaho in 1985. We've been cycling through Idaho, Nebraska, and Washington every other year since 1988. By tradition, it is held in the town that one of the four Grandparents were from. The siblings were Gerald, Catherine, Pat, and Bus. Gerald lived in Idaho, Catherine in Nebraska, Pat Near Spokane WA, and Bus in Coulee city WA. Pat is the only remaining of the four. Many Question what will happen to the reunion in Coulee city now that Bus has passed. But a vote decided that for now, it remains there. New generations are taking charge of the reunion, but it still holds it's cheesy,  family charm. 

The trip to Nebraska 

The Reunion

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Jones Reunions
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